TAB: Preludio Criollo

By: Rodrigo Riera

He was born in Carora, Venezuela in 1923. He graduated with honors in the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, Spain in 1953. He then continues his guitar studies with Andres Segovia, in Italy. Riera the moved to New York, where he started composing, teaching, and giving recitals.

Some of his works srre “Monotonia”, “Elorac”, “Melancolia”, “Choro”, “Merengues”, and “Preludio Criollo”. He also arranged some of Vivaldi’s concerts for guitar.Riera was awarded the Venezuelan National Music Award in 1995.

Once every two years, a composition contest called “Rodrigo Riera composition contest” is held in Caracas, Venezuela.

Preludio Criollo is one of the most beatiful and representative Venezuelan pieces. This is an arpeggio piece in 6/8, and is a obligatory song in the most important conservatories of the world. It’s worth checking out…

Preludio Criollo


One response to “TAB: Preludio Criollo”

  1. John Clifford says :

    Mr. Riera.
    To play your music is wonderful and must be played from the heart. I will be searching for your
    music to make my heart peaceful.

    My best regards,

    John Clifford.

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