New tabs soon

Hello everyone! Yep, I’m still alive 🙂

I’ve had this page kind of abandoned for a while now, but lately I’ve been devoting more and more time to the classical guitar, in particular to Venezuelan music. I’m hoping to find the time very soon to lay out some new tabs, along with some videos of me playing the songs, so you can learn them quickly.

I also want to revise all my old tabs and update them, and check them for any errors on notes or fingering. I want to offer the best quality tabs around, I hate when I search for classical guitar tabs online and they are full of mistakes. I always write them while learning the songs from the original sheet music, so the notes are fingering are guaranteed to be right.

So, thanks for your patience, rest assured you’ll see new and great content very soon!


To everyone having problems accesing the tabs…


Apparently, WordPress doesn’t support text files anymore. Thanks to everyone who reported the problem and helped me solve it!


It seems WordPress has changed its policies and now need a mandatory login to their system before you can access a file in a blog (such as the .txt TAB files in this blog)

To all people having problems downloading tabs, please try creating and account and logging in first. I know it’s a hassle, I’ll try to find an alternate method for hosting the tabs soon.

Thanks for your support!

Yep, still here…

Hello everyone! Just a small post to tell you what I’ve been up to…

Last year I finished a CD called “La Abadía del Pecado” with my band SITCOM. You can visit us here (blog is in spanish):

We toured a bit around Caracas, and sold around 5000 copies of the CD, mostly to our friends and people coming to see us play. Unfortunately, piracy is a serious problem in Venezuela, so there are no more record companies, we had to do everything, from recording to distributing to advertising, by ourselves. We ran out of our own money at one point and could not promote the band by ourselves anymore. This, coupled with problems in our country, Venezuela, which is heading straight to communism, made our band pretty short-lived. Most of the band members left the country. I am now living in the Canary islands in Spain with my brother.

What about the classical guitar? Well I’ve been practicing it a lot lately, and would love to make new tabs! I’ve been studying a lot of Andrew York, so I’ll leave up to you readers which tab by York would you like me to do next:

Also, can you recommend a Mac program to make tabs easily (and fast)? Please share with me in the comments!

To close up this post, I’ll leave you with my band’s one (and only) music video!

Dyens’s tabs down

Recently got this letter, so I had to take Roland Dyens’s tabs down 😦

Dear Mr Ciammariconi

This is to inform you that after visiting your website we are very surprised to see two titles by Roland Dyens in tabs !

We are, Editions Henry Lemoine, the original publisher of Tango en Skaï and Libra Sonatine (Fuoco) and you have no permission to do this !

So we ask you to take off from you website these two works, right now.

Yours sincerely,

Brigitte Lemoine



Hi everyone… I’ve posted before that I haven’t made any tabs lately because I was busy recording a CD with my band, SITCOM… Well, finally the CD is ready!! You can listen to some of our music at our myspace page. I’ve also made a blog about the band (sorry, in spanish only for now…) that you can see here.

We’ve also just recorded our first video, of the single “Ambas”. It’s in post production right now, I’ll post it here when it’s ready!

TAB: Prelude in C minor (Preludio en Do menor)

By: Agustín Barrios Mangoré

New version:
This is a version with some corrections suggested by reader Ted

>I was listening to “Preludio en do menor (in C minor)” played by John Williams
>while going over your tablature for the piece and I noticed a few, small mistakes.
>I know you made this tab a long time ago and I don’t know if you’re still interested in it,
>but I took the liberty of correcting the mistakes if you are interested.
>I’ve attached it to this e-mail as a Notepad document.
>I also changed the fretting of the last chord in the song to make it more simple,
>but it is your tab and your site so of course you are free to keep it your original way.
>This is just how I play it and taking into consideration the chord that this piece starts with,
>it seems to make the most sense if it is ended in the same region.
>Anyway, that’s all. Take care.

His version is at the end of the file Thanks Ted!


This is a beatiful prelude in C minor by the master Agustín Barrios Mangoré. The song may sound easy, but being in a somewhat uncomfortable key for the guitar makes it quite challenging. The trick is making it sound simple and accentuating the melody.

I’ve been prominsing to add left hand fingering to the tab since I made it 8 (!) years ago, so I’ll try to work on it this weekend.

Enjoy and comment! Do you like Barrios as much as I do? =o)

Prelude in C minor tab


 Hi everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t made any classical tabs lately, this year I’ve been pretty occupied recording a CD with my band, it should be out very soon. The music is a mix of Rock, Jazz and Blues. I’ll post soon with some pictures of the artwork of the CD and hopefully a song or two. Thanks for visiting!

Gian recording acoustic guitars